• 2nd Apr 2020

    Luxury Tales: Yves Saint Laurent

    Competing with the likes of the fashion houses of Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and a few others, it is not difficult to sometimes overlook Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). However, YSL was at a time a dominati…

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  • 20th Mar 2020

    What makes a good floral scent?

    spring /sprɪŋ/ - the season of the year when the weather becomes warmer, leaves and plants start to grow again and flowers appear: Many bulbs bloom in (the) spring.Yes, it's that season where the fl…

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  • 1st Mar 2020


    It is a well-known fact, that concealers are serious game changers in the make-up game. Having them in your arsenal is not enough though, you have to know how to use them to erase dark circles and…

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  • 11th Jan 2020


    Perfumes and deodorants are classified under the word fragrance and are used not only to fight body odor but also to help in boosting the morale of users. Asides the above-mentioned use of fragrance…

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  • 27th Dec 2019

    Anti-aging skincare products

    Before we go straight into what anti-aging skincare products are and why you should use them, we will enlighten you a little on what anti-aging products are and what they are used for. The term Ant…

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  • 9th Dec 2019

    Who is Thomas Carlyle?

    Who is Thomas Carlyle? He is Tom Ford. But who is Tom Ford? This is where things begin to get much more complicated, Tom Ford as a young man always had that creative quality inside him, just fig…

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  • 10th Nov 2019

    Why Jimmy Choo shoes

    Jimmy Choo... A Malaysian born, East London raised man, who came from a line of shoe makers. He used his natural ability and his eager determination to make it in the world of fashion to graduat…

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  • 4th Oct 2019

    We Love Chloé

    After the last post on my desires to promenade through Paris, it seems only appropriate to write on one of the major French fashion houses... By name: ChloéConceptualized by the Egyptian born…

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