What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

10th Dec 2020

In the words of Anna Warner- “Of course, true beauty comes from within. Lipstick just adds a little pizzazz!” But do you know that the choice of lipstick shade you put on speaks volumes about who you are and what your personality is? It’s not just the way you dress or the way your eyebrows arch, but your lipstick color can actually tell people whether you are the bold or the aggressive type, a demure one, or the romantic, timid girl who instantly blushes at the sight of a dashing, young man.

Here’s a quick rundown of the lipstick colors and what they say about you:


This powerful color shouts confidence, boldness, and self-assuredness.Very sexy! The wearer of a fire-engine red lipstick is not afraid to speak her mind or draw attention to herself.

Red symbolizes passion and sensuality. Think Rita Ora. She is one example of a woman who’s almost always seen wearing scarlet on her lips. This British actress and singer totally loves wearing the classic, bright-red matte lipstick, applied with startling perfection! In fact, it has become part of her signature look.

If you are a big fan of the red lipstick, but continue leaning toward a more subtle shade, then you are most likely the modest, reserved type of gal. Still sexy!


When shopping online at Fragrance Rich, and you find yourself making a beeline toward the coral shade, you are most probably an outdoors type of girl; someone who enjoys frolicking under the sun and enjoying the wonders of nature.

Coral, which is a mildly pinkish-orange, or a little bit on the red side, is the preference of sporty girls, who prefer the outdoors. They cannot resist a stroll on the beach or a hike in the forest. But choosing coral as your favorite shade also reveals that you are unafraid to be experimental when it comes to making decisions.


There are many shades of pink. If you love hot pink on those kissable lips, then you are the adventurous type when it comes to decision-making. It means that you find thrill in risks. However, if you prefer a light-pink shade, you are Miss Ambitious but would like to play it safe. One famous example of the subtle-pink-lipstick wearer is Harry Potter star, Emma Watson. She is often seen walking the red carpet with her pretty lips painted with sheer baby pink!


A woman who likes to wear mauve is sure of herself and quite patient and meticulous. You like to plan things carefully and in an organized manner. Here’s a tip: you want to be persuasive when talking to people? Then the color mauve will do the trick!


Taupe, this brownish gray shade, evokes an earthy, warm, and comfortable vibe.This choice of color suggests that you are practical and dependable. You are also more of the serious type when it comes to relationships and you deeply appreciate everything around you. Sweet!


This shade makes you approachable to people and not at all intimidating. It may suggest you are shy and quiet and prefer to be on the sidelines rather than being the center of attention. People find it easy to befriend you and seek advice from you. So, don’t be surprised if you are always surrounded by people!


Plum is seductive, sensual, and mysterious. This bold shade of violet with a touch of brownish gray is super chic and projects a progressive way of thinking. It is usually artists and creative types that put on this exotic color.

If you desire a makeover and wish to change the way people perceive you, simply change your lip color! Like someone said- “your lipstick speaks louder than words.” Experiment, have fun, and test new shades—it might open new worlds for you!

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