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Sweat and oil are the enemies in today’s world of skin care. When there is too much grime in our bodies, we usually feel anxious and unclean. It is usually soothing to wash off, as we feel relaxed and healthy. This, and more, are why we use shower gels.

Shower gels are very similar to soaps because they create lather, however, they have a few differences. These days, people choose shower gels over soap because of personal preference and skin sensitivity. Where soaps can be abrasive, shower gels are milder on the skin. However, just as with other skin-care products, the type of shower gel you use is dependent on your skin type.

There are four basic skin types: sensitive, dry, oily, and normal. To find out what your skin type is, and which shower gel is best for you, may need experimenting. If it is possible, you can try out free samples of shower gel or use the travel sizes until you get the one that suits your skin type best. They you can now purchase the full-size bottle.

Dry skins

People with dry skins might find strong soaps to be too harsh on them, as it removes a lot of the oils that the skin already lacks. Using a milder cleanser that has the words ‘oil’ or ‘cream’ in the name might be the solution.

For shower gels, try looking for the ones that contain lactic acid or glycolic acid, as they are moisturizing ingredients.

Normal and oily skins

People with oily or normal skin do not have to worry about using mild cleansers. Shower gels and regular soap would work fine, but soaps would be better at removing oil. There are a lot of shower gels on the market that are designed solely for oily skins however, and some are even designed to remove body acne caused by excess oil.


Sensitive skins

The most difficult decisions when it comes to which shower gels are made by people with sensitive skin. If you have allergic reactions like itching or redness to some beauty products, you may have to avoid shower gels that have a lot of preservatives or fragrances. This is because sensitive skins will always react negatively to them.


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