5 Tips to Heatproof Your Makeup

Published by Fragrance Rich on 17th Aug 2020

Imagine a nice summery afternoon out, the birds are chirping

5 Tips to Heatproof Your Makeup

Imagine a nice summery afternoon out, the birds are chirping, the wind is blowing, nature is in full bloom, and you’re sitting down enjoying a nice picnic in the park. You are living in the moment and loving it. Suddenly, what was once your nicely done everyday makeup has now become awash in streams of sweat.

You’re Embarrassed

You’re mad but most of all you’re embarrassed. How could this have happened? Well, chances are you didn’t heatproof your makeup. Whether it’s over 90 degrees outside, or the perfect weather to enjoy the great outdoors, heat proofing your makeup can probably be the difference between a good and bad day. Since nobody likes the idea of having good makeup ruined by sweat, here are 5 Tips to Help You Heatproof Your Makeup and Beat the Heat.

"Put On Some Lipstick, And Pull Yourself Together"

- Elizabeth Taylor

The Key To Beating The Heat

1. Make A Habit Of Priming

Priming is essentially your preparation for what is to come. By priming before you apply your makeup, you ensure that your canvas (your face) is well equipped to absorb the blend of liquids and powders you are about to add to your skin.

2. Use Moisturizers With Light Consistencies

For the colder climes when you’re trying to avoid your skin drying out, thick and heavy face moisturizers are a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Unfortunately, however, the love and usage of heavy moisturizers should not extend to the hotter climes when your skin’s needs have become different. Generally, not as dry in the summer, your skin requires a light water-based moisturizer (preferably with SPF) to ensure that when makeup is applied, it does not begin to slip and slide all over your face.

3. Apply Less Layers Of Foundation

You’ve probably heard the concept of ‘less is more’ and in the summer heat applying this concept during your makeup application is highly recommended. Do you really need those 2 even 3 layers of extra foundation? Probably not

4. Blot Instead Of Powdering

For many women, especially those who are fairly new to makeup , the first response to any form of moisture (sweat) post makeup application is to combat this with powder. A response that in actuality does more harm by clogging the pores than good. When faced with moisture, your best bet is to tap at the affected areas with blotting paper, which guarantees sweat removal without disturbing your makeup.

5. Finish With A Setting Spray Or Powder

During the colder climes, you can probably get away with completing your makeup application without the use of a setting spray or powder but when it’s hot, you may not be so lucky. The whole point of setting your makeup is to up your guard against moisture especially in your most sweat prone areas. If you really want to heatproof your makeup, let it set.

Bottom Line

Regardless of where in the world you’re from, experiencing hotter climes at some part of the year is a must. The weather that you’re experiencing shouldn’t however, be a determining factor in whether you get to wear your makeup or not, but rather how you wear your makeup. The next time you’re faced with getting dolled up on a hot summer day, try applying these heatproof makeup tips to beat the heat!

Written by Fragrance Rich

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