5 Fragrances you need to know about

Published by Fragrance Rich on 27th May 2022

Fragrances not only have the ability to boost our confidence but can as well play a huge role in evoking memories and creating a facade.

Perfume is a story in odor, sometimes poetry in memory’

—Jean-Claude Ellena

Once you learn that scent is extremely intimate, you get to understand why choosing the right fragrance is important. You want to create a great first impression and yet a lasting recollection. And for you to achieve this, you have to go through all the nitty gritty. Because, at the end of the day, how would you want that important person to remember you? –of course with just a sweet fragrance.

However, the intricacy of finding a perfect scent that suits you isn’t an easy task. You need to consider several factors. For this reason, we have highlighted 5 of our favorite fragrances that are a perfect fit.

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  • 1.Lady million

How about a perfume that radiates, possesses, and dominates a bossy character? —probably the Emily Ratajkowski style? That’s what lady million is all about. Created by Paco Rabanne, the perfume was launched in 2010 with its glory being its mature scent that can sustain several conditions and situations.

The fragrance's main aim was to please the noses around the person wearing it, and well, it didn’t disappoint. What’s even more interesting is its sensual way of making fantasies and desires come true—wink! Paco Rabanne lady million 80ml is just but one of its EDP with others being 30ml and 50ml.

  • 2.Good girl

Looking for a cinnamon note or maybe an Almond one? -whichever the case is, the good girl perfume got you. With over 20 notes from the top, middle to base, this fragrance was created to represent every woman’s character. Its elegant stiletto-shaped bottle makes everything even better. The Good girl perfume 50ml (also the 80ml one) promises both longevity and sillage.

  • 3.Alien

Alien is an elixir that radiates just the perfect aura. This fragrance was created by Thierry Mugler for women looking for an extremely sensual and feminine scent. This is because it’s a combination of plants, citrus, and plants. It brings out a seductive, mysterious yet stylish look.

‘Perfume is like a new dress: it makes you quite simply marvelous’

— Estee Lauder

  • 4.1 million

This fragrance marks the renewal of masculine seduction. It's best for a bad boy who follows their fantasies, works for what they want, and most importantly makes every moment in their life big. And not only is this fragrance irresistible, the packaging! — to die for.

Paco Rabanne, the creator of this fragrance together with the lady million one says that: “In all civilizations and religions, gold has managed to seduce people.” And for this purpose, the 1 million fragrance is bottled in a golden nuance.

  • 5.Gucci Bamboo

This flora fragrance with a woody scent is gentle and graceful. And although this is true, the latter: femininity and confidence is emitted in the modern woman using it. How is this true? — well, the woody contrast balanced by Grey Amber and Sandalwood brings out the femininity. Gucci Bamboo has an exotic floral heart of Casablanca lily, orange blossom, and Ylang Ylang that adds its resonance and depth.


Boosting your confidence for that date, interview or that destiny-changer meeting is essential. And what’s the route to achieving this? Well—simple— put on some fragrance!

Get your perfume quantity i.e., the Paco Rabanne lady million 80ml or Good girl lady perfume 50 ml and just a spritz will complete the look and help you gain confidence all day long—of course, don’t forget to incorporate that designer item in your wardrobe.

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