Beauty Rumours – 5 DIY Hacks You Should Never Try

Published by Fragrance Rich on 11th Jan 2021

Ever come across a self-professed beauty guru on Instagram or YouTube claiming to posses hidden secrets to solving all your beauty-related woes? Well, most of us have; but you should think twice before putting your face and health at risk based on a non-substantiated claim you saw on your social media feed.

You have to understand that the internet can be an endless black hole of makeup hacks, rumours, misleading tips, and flat-out appalling beauty advice. Some of the DIY beauty hacks you see around are just silly, others convincing but ineffective, and most potentially dangerous.

Read on as we shine the light of truth on some surprisingly popular beauty rumours floating around on the internet.

  • Rumour 1: Smiling Too Much Causes Wrinkles

Does smiling make you look younger or does it cause wrinkles? This is a question that would stir up a heated debate in any beauty shop or online thread. Some argue that the repeated movement of facial muscles is the reason for premature fine lines that arch around the corners of your mouth (aka. Nasolabial folds).

However, the grooves don’t magically fade away when you embrace the RBF (Resting Bitch Face) movement or when you stop beaming the pearly whites. According to an article by Time Magazine, most wrinkles are the outcome of fat distribution, skin elasticity, muscle atrophy, skin thickness, and collagen content—all variables that are influenced by the environment and genetics. Besides, why would you want to snuff your happiness? Let the smile shine!

  • Rumour 2: Using Kitty Litter to Make a Face Mask

Honestly; who comes up with such beauty rumours? Or better yet; who woke up one day and decided that their feline’s toilet would make a great face mask?

Although kitty litter contains some sensible facemask-worthy ingredients like silica and bentonite, it’s the other ingredients you should be worried about. For example, masking fragrances could be abrasive and harsh on your skin—making it generally unsafe, and utterly gross! Instead, try some low-cost organic options like Active Charcoal Masks.

  • Rumour 3: Nail Polish is an Easy Hack to Deal with Cold Sores

Cold sores are frustrating and an eyesore. So it’s easy for desperate victims to throw common sense in the wind when a silly DIY beauty rumour suggests that nail polish is a solution. But according to medical experts, nail polish is a surprisingly common allergen. Not to mention that fact that nail polish can’t possibly fight off the transmissible virus responsible for cold sores.

  • Rumour 4: Deodorant is a Great Face Primer

Yes, that’s right; someone actually came up with the idea of applying the same product on the armpits and face. And in a way, they had a decent idea going. Deodorant keeps your underarms dry; so why not save some bucks by applying it on the face?

Well, the risk of inflaming acne, flaky patches, and severe irritation from exposing your face to strong fragrances and aluminium should be reason enough to dissuade you from this beauty rumour.

  • Rumour 5: You can Brighten Armpits with Baking Soda and Lemon

Again with the pits! Aside from sounding like a baking recipe, this lemon + baking soda concoction could potentially wreak havoc on your armpits. Scrubbing your skin with sugar is never a good idea—owing to the irritation from micro-tears. Now add acidic lemon and basic baking soda to the broth and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

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