How to Pull Off | Nail Polish – What's Trending?

Published by Fragrance Rich on 16th Jul 2022

We are coo-coo for nails! Beautiful manis and stunning pedis are what it's all about.

From over-the-top to subtle shades, there's something riveting about well-manicured nails. It's a great place for self-discovery and a boost of confidence. Self-love is called a new nail polish bottle. So live a little! Put on a new nail polish color.

If you're looking for new ways to fall in love with the art of nails, we've got you covered. We've rounded up some of the best nail polish trends to make you go ooh la la! We draw inspiration from celebrities, runways, and the latest seasonal mood.

Indulge your nails with these à la mode nail polish colors and styles:

1.Glazed Doughnut Nails

Delicious-looking and thoughtfully chic, "glazed doughnut nails" are phenomeNAIL! Since Hailey Bieber sported the look, the nail world can't stop drooling over the style.

It's a good thing Bieber's nail artist broke down exactly how you can pull it off using OPI nail polish.

  • Prep the nails
  • Apply OPI GelColor Stay Classic Base Coat
  • One coat of OPI GelColor in Funny Bunny
  • A thin layer of OPI Chrome Effects No-Cleanse Top Coat
  • Rub the OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can
  • Apply OPI GelColor Stay Shiny Top Coat

2.Very Peri

Adorn yourself with Pantone's 2022 color of the year: Very Peri. The nail color is stunning; it exudes a sense of optimism and carefree confidence.

But you don't necessarily have to stick to the exact shade. It's meant to be fun. So play around and find something that complements your skin tone. Our favorite shades are:

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Oh, You Sing, Dance, Act, and Produce ?
  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Angels Flight to Starry Night

3.Traditional White French Tips

Here's a fashion tip: Get yourself some French tips.

While there's nothing with painting a rainbow of tips on your hands, there's something timeless about traditional white French tips. They are the quintessential nail style for elegance and sophistication. Just ask songbird Adele or Khloé Kardashian.

OPI Nail Lacquer, White Nail Polish is the perfect white for French-looking tips. Stay classy!

4.Hot Pink

" I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world. Life in plastic, it's fantastic !" Join the Barbie bandwagon with quick Pink-Me-Up nail polish. Bright pink is all the rage—and if you could ask Hailee Steinfeld, it's a color you'll never regret.

Turn up the heat with the Hotter Than You Pink OPI Nail Lacquer .

5.Candy Apple

Nothing says confidence like a bold nail polish color. And red is arguably the sassiest of them all. Candy apple red is our pick of the day—and we love how Sabrina Carpenter and Selena Gomez wear the shade.

Take a bite of the Big Apple Red OPI Nail Lacquer .


It's sandal weather, and there is nothing better than a freshly squeezed citrus shade to brighten your day. Orange hues are sure to give your skin (and life) an extra glow to reflect the season.

Light up the room with the Pants on Fire! OPI Nail Lacquer .

7.Pearlescent Nails

From Kyoto Pearl to Chiffon-d of You and This Color Hits all the High Notes, pearlescent shades are having a moment. We love pearls because they are a classic staple but have leeway for experimentation. Find your style from the wide range of OPI nail polish pearlescent hues. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION

There's no better feeling than trying a new nail polish! Nail your new look with one of these trending colors and styles.

Live, laugh, love….and mani-pedi.

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