Do Men and Women Need Different Skin/Beauty Care Products

26th Jan 2020

This is a question that literally will pop up in your head while considering which skincare products you should pick while shopping on a budget. Why can't my girlfriend share the same soap with me? Do we need 2 different sets of scrub & cream all the time?

A lot of dermatologists around the world have argued this particular point for years, some agreeing that the male and female skin are very different and require different products to help keep up the glow, while other doctors believe it's merely a marketing strategy by companies to keep selling different products.

We will look into the different arguments and let you be the judge.

New York-based dermatologist Racheal Nazarian, believes that the different genders require different products, she argued that the Testosterone present in men makes the skin texture totally different, with the men having a 25% thicker skin than women do, which means men need stronger products, which is also the reason why men don't react to skin diseases as fast as women do.

Facial hair is another very strong point and obvious difference that requires attention. The ability to grow facial hair helps give the face a structure and prevents wrinkles, which is something women deal with a lot. Shaving as annoying as it maybe is another positive point, dragging the blade on your skin doesn't take off only the hair but also pieces of dead skin which helps to keep the skin fresh.

A lot of other points which we didn't mention, put together make up their argument that men require an entirely different skincare product from women and it isn't just a marketing strategy.

On the other hand other dermatologists, like Joshua Zeichner based in Manhattan in his words “GENERALLY SPEAKING, the needs of men’s and women’s skin are quite similar," believe and have argued that the concept of different skin products for different gender is only but a strategy by companies to make more money. He argued that the ingredients and chemicals used in producing all skincare products are mostly the same, and that difference is only found in the different scents used. They acknowledged the difference in skin types and urge people to shop products based on their skin requirements and not on gender basis.

Andrew Goetz, co-founder of MALIN believes that there is absolutely no need for the use of different skincare products, with reference to when a person goes to the doctor with tonsillitis or some skin disease, the doctor doesn't prescribe male or female antibiotics but the right antibiotics to combat the infection.

Having gone through both arguments, you'd find out that it isn't a black and white situation. However, both gender is strongly advised to maintain healthy hygiene and eat good food (fruits) as these also contribute largely to maintaining healthy and glowing skin. A saying goes, different strokes for different folks, therefore you're advised to stick to whichever products work best for your skin.

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