How to Contour and Highlight Your Face with Makeup

19th Feb 2020

When it comes to contouring and highlighting, there’s a thin line between painting on an entirely new face and enhancing your features. And this, is without mentioning that it can be intimidating to look at a cream or powder several shades darker than your skin tone, and be told that it would not look like dirt smudges, but would instead create a natural-looking shadow effect.

Contouring and highlighting techniques are not easily mastered. But thankfully, as the years have gone by, techniques that were only known by makeup professionals have become more accessible. Products that are made for creating defined, sculpted looks are now available at affordable prices. Beauty-vlogger YouTube tutorials that guide your blending brush and make the most of your facial structure are now everywhere.

Before you go looking through a thousand and one videos, we have something for you. Below are the basics you should know for reshaping your nose, bringing out your cheekbones, and subtly sculpting your face whenever you want:

  • -It is no longer just about carving a line into the cheek. Enhancing cheekbones, shaping your face, and tricking the eye also counts.
  • -You only need two products: a matte shading cream or powder and a highlighter.
  • -Anything that stands out too much against skin tone is going to look obvious.
  • -Avoid anything with noticeable sparkles that can look chalky or just plain unnatural.
  • -Using creams? Use your fingers. They warm the makeup so it melts and blends more seamlessly into your skin.

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