Life In Bloom!

22nd May 2020

Living a blond and breezy lifestyle seems like a tall order. Finding just the right balance among nutrition, exercise, and inner contentment might seem like a plot of a fairy tale. But, trust me it’s not all that unattainable. With the proper guidance and support, your journey to wellness will go without a hiccup.

Spending 24/7 at home sounds relaxing but is rather taxing for you. One would think that you would use all that free time to pamper yourself but, in reality juggling a work-home life balance from home is turning you into a couch potato. But not anymore! Our simple guidelines will help lift up your spirits within the comfort of our humble abode.

Your first step towards the new bright-eyed ‘life in bloom’ is to draw yourself a nice bubble bath. If anything, this will for sure clean the cobwebs of your brain and give you a new perspective towards life. So, wash away your worries, get the kinks out of your body and find that peaceful state of Zen.

While you’re at it, give yourself an at-home spa treatment. Now more than ever is the time to try out all the new fragrance and beauty products you’ve wanted to try out. Say goodbye to dead skin cells with a facial scrub. You can follow it up by packing in all the alpha-hydroxyls by massaging soothing facial oils into your skin. Last but not the least; give yourself a rejuvenating experience with a nutrients-packed facial mask. While you’re at it, don’t you ignore those little feet of yours? Those bad boys are a sure-shot way to euphoria. Exercising those facial muscles will turn that gloomy frown upside down!

Next off, lock away all that junk food at the back of your cupboards and forget all about that mental key, too much sugar and salt playing a right mess up with your brain. So, get the junk out of your system through healthier food choices and groove those love handles away with a power walks and some exercise.

Getting on track with healthier life choices will not only detox your body but, it’ll also give you clarity. You’ll feel much more energized and refreshed and see the world in a whole new light that will give you a new perspective towards life in general.

And now the fun part! It’s time to glam up that plain canvas of your face with some make-up. Trust me, using just mascara and some lipstick can do wonders. The refreshing confidence will help you take on the world like a pro. The world is your dance floor so, glam it up and let your inner diva shine through!

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