1st Mar 2020

It is a well-known fact, that concealers are serious game changers in the make-up game. Having them in your arsenal is not enough though, you have to know how to use them to erase dark circles and cover un-wanted spots for a no-makeup effect.

This is where the pros have an upper hand. There are ways to get a flawless finish though. They are:

  • 1.Create a smooth canvas

Hydrating and cleansing the skin thoroughly using a rich but weightless moisturizer is a great start. Before events, try to use washcloths to remove dry patches. You should also use a facial scrub, before slicking the skin with a Vitamin A serum for an extra dose of moisture. It absorbs and does not overload the skin so the concealer is not all over the place.

  • 2.Know your shades

If you have mismatched undertones, the concealer stands out too much, or just starts to look ashy. People with warmer skin tones should use orange or yellow undertones, while people with cooler skin tones should use pink. Also, you should use different shades of concealer on various parts of the face.

  • 3.Apply from the inner corner of the eyes and move outward

The whole under-eye area does not have to be covered, except where you need the most attention. It is important not to get too close to the bottom lashes so there is no harsh line or buildup. If the under-eye needs extra brightening, use creamy, peach-hue color correctors to neutralize.

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