Mastering Cold Weather Fashion – Stylish Outfit Ideas, Beauty Tips, and the Best Scent

Published by Fragrance Rich on 12th Nov 2020

Just like the seasons, fashion comes and goes. When summer cools down into fall/winter months, revamping our wardrobes and beauty regimen is more of a necessity than a choice.

But just because it’s chilly and your priority is keeping the cold weather at bay—does not mean that you shouldn’t be stylish. If anything, autumn and winter are some of the best months for fashionistas. It’s a time to get creative with the icy temperatures—and we have a few inspirational ideas to get you started.

Chic and Stylish Cold-Weather Outfits

When it comes to autumn/winter outfits, you want to keep your body toasty warm and your look chic. You need to make the slush-covered streets your runway. Here are some outfit inspirations for those chilly days/nights.

  • Step Out in Boots: Whether you’re recalling a neglected pair of boots from the darkest corner of your closet or investing in a new pair, boots are a fashion staple in cold weather. But don’t just throw them on—put some thought to it and find inventive pairings. For example, if you have some killer over-the-knee boots, consider pairing them with a chic short dress etc.
  • Master the Art of Layering: Layering is an undying trend during cold weather—and for good reason. It’s practical and the possible combinations are nearly endless (*a designer’s dream). Don’t be shy with your layering. Go wild and find creative ways to pile up the different pieces.
  • Scarf Up: Cold weather is another name for “Scarf season.” Few cold-weather accessories—if any—enjoy the “wardrobe staple” status like scarves. From plaid, solids, prints – the opportunities for experimentation are only limited by your imagination. Consider options that complement the gorgeous seasonal hues of autumn or winter.
  • Faux Fur is Your Friend: Faux fur is a functional way to sprinkle some winter magic on nearly any outfit. Find fur accent pieces that tickle your fancy and pair them with that cute winter coat.

What are Some Cold Weather Beauty Tips?

Autumn and winter are arguably the most visually-attractive seasons. Whether it’s the falling leaves, the first snowflakes, or the crispy air—it’s a great time of the year.

But the cold weather can also wreak havoc on your hair and skin if you’re not careful with your beauty regimen. To avoid chapped lips, flaky skin, and dull/tangled hair, you need to adopt some ‘survival beauty skill’ as highlighted below:

  • Stay hydrated! Cold and dry air tends to dehydrate your skin. Drinking lots of water and fluids is a prerequisite to a healthy winter glow.
  • Consider powering up a humidifier overnight to keep your skin supple.
  • Use serums of skin oils in addition to your typical moisturizer to nourish and liven up your skin.
  • Take care of your lips with lip balm to ward off the chaps.
  • Treat your locks with deep conditioning at least once a week to protect your hair from the icy elements.

What is the Best Scent/Fragrance for Autumn and Winter?

Outfit (check), beauty regimen (check)—but what is cold weather fashion without a great fragrance to wrap it all up?

While summer and spring months are a time to be lively with floral notes, winter and autumn are more about sensual Orientals, natural woody ouds, or musky fragrances. You basically want a scent that compliments the holiday’s smell of fresh cookies, crackling fireplaces, and cinnamon. It should be sensual, warm, mysterious, and strong enough (*i.e., Eau de parfum) to linger on your favorite scarf.

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