What makes a good floral scent?

20th Mar 2020

spring /sprɪŋ/ - the season of the year when the weather becomes warmer, leaves and plants start to grow again and flowers appear: Many bulbs bloom in (the) spring.

Yes, it's that season where the flowers are beginning to shoot out of the ground, and everywhere starts to look more beautiful, so what better way to reflect that beauty; than to carry it around with you, bringing spring/summer into every room you enter, than to wear the best floral fragrances? So today, we're going to decompose one of my favourites, and see what makes it such a great floral fragrance, then compare it to one other. Welcome to the science behind a great floral fragrance...

Violet Petals, Gardenia, Jasmine, and Grapefruit. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect floral fragrance. But Marc Jacobs added an extra ingredient to the concoction.. WILD STRAWBERRY. Thus, Daisy by Marc Jacobs was born! As a fragrance given the labels; sunny, sophisticated, and light, this gentle perfume would be an amazing choice for ushering in the Spring/Summer months. Daisy IS the essence of youthful spirit.

Sicilian lemon extracted by cold expression of the peel is the invigorating and refreshing scent at the heart of this fragrance. This is a free spirited, modern scent that combines Honeysuckle, Peach, Rose, Jasmine and a few others to create summer fun in a bottle. The fragrance is none other than Diorella by Dior, and enables you to really get in touch with nature.

Both fragrances continuously receive amazing reviews from users, common themes among them is of course, as floral fragrances, the flowers. The most popular flower scents over a wide range of floral fragrances include, roses, gardenias, jasmine, and many other expensive flower oils. Jasmine is found in both of the fragrances mentioned above, appearing as a favourite by perfume designers. Both employ the scents of a fruit, with Daisy utilising Strawberry and Diorella going for the subtler peach. So we see that a fruity essence could be a key ingredient for an amazing floral fragrance. These two fragrances are both truly great picks.

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