Why Everyone is Obsessing Over Daisy Eau So Intense

Published by Fragrance Rich on 6th Jul 2021

Ever wondered what frolicking in a field of flowers on a bright sunny Spring day feels like? The scent of the newly launched (2021) Daisy Eau So Intense by Marc Jacobs is as close as it gets!

This new Amber Floral Fragrance is all the rage—and for good reason. The fact that it’s a remix of the cult-favourite original Daisy scent by Marc Jacobs is enough reason to explain why Daisy Eau So Intense is attracting so much attention.

But it’s more than borrowed reputation that makes Daisy Eau So Intense worth a place in your dressing drawer.

Original Daisy Vs Daisy Eau So Intense

Over the last few decades, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy collection has cemented a rosy reputation among raving aficionados. In particular, the original Daisy Eau de Toilette—which was released in 2007—perfectly captures the youthful soul of women at the time. The timeless and iconic scent was a staple for any young woman who gave two cents about fashion.

The new Daisy Eau So Intense is a reinterpretation of the signature Daisy scent that so many of us fell in love with. It borrows some traits from the original—including the expertise of the legendary master perfumer, Alberto Morillas—while still creating its own unique identity.

Here’s how the two scents compare:


The classic Daisy is characterized by a rich and uplifting fragrance with distinguishing violet, grapefruit, and strawberry notes. It has top notes of Strawberry, Grapefruit, and Violet Leaf; middle notes of Jasmine, Gardenia, and Violet; base notes of Vanilla, White Woods, and Musk.

The new Daisy Eau So Intense takes a more sensual route than the original with its fresher honey notes, more pronounced strawberry notes, and denser amber. It has top notes of Bergamot, Pear, and Strawberry; middle notes of Rode, Honey, and Jasmine; base notes of Moss, Musk, and Benzoin.

How do they wear?

In a way, Daisy Eau So Intense wears better than the classic Daisy. It has a certain richness and vigour that prolongs further than the original Daisy. This makes it a dreamier and more date-oriented scent that is perfect for evening wear. On the other hand, the original Daisy has a dewy softness that is more tuned for summer day wear.

Target Audience

The original Daisy is devoted to the carefree young woman who is dazzling, seductive, and sophisticated. The new Daisy Eau So Intense is lusher, mellower, and fuller to appeal to a more mature, established, and bold woman.

From a certain perspective, Daisy Eau So Intense seems to be an evolution of the classic Daisy. It targets the same audience that fell in love with the classic Daisy scent—only that the outgoing youth that enjoyed the classic are not more mature.

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