Life-Changing Mascara Application Tips

Published by Fragrance Rich on 25th Jul 2020

Are you in a hurry to begin your day but still want to look effortlessly pretty?

Life-Changing Mascara Application Tips

Are you in a hurry to begin your day but still want to look effortlessly pretty? Mascara is just what you need! On such days, the mascara and lip-gloss combination can easily transform your face in a subtle but lovely way!


Mascara brightens your eyes and makes it look full of energy while lip-gloss adds an appealing shine to your lips. And the best part is, you can apply both in your car or even in a restroom! With just a few minutes, you can achieve that simple yet pretty look you desire.

"I won`t cry for you, my mascara`s too expensive."

- Adriana Lima

All you need & How to apply mascara

• Your mascara
• Eye primer
• Eyeshadow
• Eyeliner
• Lash curler
• Mascara wand

1. Clean and prime
Before applying makeup, be it mascara or foundation, it’s important that you start by cleaning your face. So you can either wash your face or make use of wipes to clean your eye area. Next, moisturize to avoid dryness.
Once you have your face prepped, apply primer as a base. This will ensure your eyeshadow and eyeliner sits nicely and lasts long.

2. Apply eyeshadow
Next, take out your eyeshadow palette and with an eyeshadow brush, apply it neatly. With the right brush, you may not need to spend too long with this process. Simply dab and spread over your eyelids. If you aren’t in a hurry though, you can take your time and even apply numerous eyeshadow colors if you wish.

3. Applying the mascara
• Curl your eyelashes
Begin the mascara application process by curling your eyelashes with a curler. To do this, close the curler over your upper lashes and hold for some seconds before releasing it.
• Apply mascara gel on the wand
Next, dip the wand into the mascara tube and twirl it to ensure you get enough mascara gel on it. The aim is to ensure the wand’s bristles are moist with mascara to ease the process.
• Apply mascara on your upper lashes
Using the wand, coat your lashes with the mascara. Begin from the roots and swipe up to ensure the volume is more at the root and to keep it looking as natural as possible.
• Apply mascara on lower lashes
Applying mascara on your lower lashes can be a bit tricky as they are shorter and sparser so make use of a smaller wand. If you don’t have a smaller wand, proceed very carefully to avoid getting mascara on your cheeks.
• Brush out clumps
If there are clumps of mascara on your lashes, brush them out using a clean wand. This will keep the final result tidy.
• Coat again
After brushing out the clumps, repeat the application process and coat your lashes a second time.
• Consider curling again
If you aren’t satisfied with the length or volume of the mascara, you can curl your lashes again. Wait for about five to eight minutes for the gel to dry and then use the curler to enhance the curls.

4. Apply eyeliner
It is important to wait until the mascara has dried completely before applying your eyeliner as it will save you from messing up the makeup. To apply your eyeliner, take the applicator and dip it into the eyeliner gel, then draw a line over your lash line. You can choose to draw a thin line or a thick line with a wing, depending on the look you desire.
Bottom Line
Though the mascara application process often looks tough, with the right tips you can apply it like a pro! So how about you try out these makeup application tips above before rushing out for work or school? Finish up with a lip-gloss or nude lipstick and you can be all set to go!

Written by Fragrance Rich

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