• 15th May 2016

    Fashion, Fragrance... Fame!

    Fashion, Fragrance... Fame! Many a celebrity have come into the business of creating their own fragrances over the years. This week we are looking at our top 5 men's fragrances created by male c…

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  • 30th Apr 2016

    Styled for Spring: Fashion trends

    The Spring/Summer collections are coming to fruition (yes, pun intended), and if I told you there wasn't a great range of trends to choose from, boy would I be misleading you. The 80s seems to h…

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  • 22nd Mar 2016

    You've made your bed?

    Okay, by the title, it seems as if i'm about to drop the most judgmental post of 2016 right? As if i'm gonna say you've made your bed now lay in it? As if your bad situation is 100% your fault a…

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  • 20th Mar 2016


    Most people work for something; towards something, and for many women, and men in fact, this something is a better life for their children. The problem that women face, is that often, they are l…

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  • 13th Mar 2016

    International Women's Day (IWD)

    woman : /ˈwʊmən/ Everyone has their own different views about international women's day (IWD) and what it means to them. Taking our search to twitter, some people thought it meant posting a nud…

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  • 4th Mar 2016


    Ahh, Mother's day, the day where everyone puts in the extra effort to celebrate their mothers and also the day single fathers take over twitter looking for compliments about playing both roles.…

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  • 27th Feb 2016

    Fitness and Psychology

    A woman's perception on her own body is very important to her, and no matter what anybody says, if she has developed negative ideas about her self-image, it is very hard to change those ideas. G…

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  • 20th Feb 2016

    The Office Scent

    Perfume has a long and controversial history when it comes to the workplace; some offices having gone so far as to ban wearing perfume completely, whether this be because of colleague allergies…

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  • 13th Feb 2016

    Valentines Weekend

    It's valentines weekend, the weekend where us guys expect massive teddies, boxes of chocolate, and hundreds of roses from our lovely ladies. If we're lucky, we may even get a trip to the city of…

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  • 25th Jan 2016

    Paris Paris

    Paris... City of LoveWith its beauty striking you from every corner and crevice of the city, impressively elegant, I have been told the real magic happens when you wander through the city at nig…

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  • 31st Dec 2015

    2015: The very best

    This fragrance is a polarizing one in terms of the love-hate relationship it has with the people of the world. Nonetheless, it without doubt continues to mesmerize all who come into contact with…

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